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DLF Emporio is now OPEN!!

January 10, 2009

August 2008 > whoooosh > January 2009 = DLF Emporio.

Luxury Retail in India has always been wanting of a destinantion that is true to itself. The answer till now was the tried and tested five star hotels, borrowing their prestige and catering to their well heeled cliebt base.

Welcome to DLF Emporio!!

DLF Emporio

Highly visible from Nelson Mandela road, in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, the “DLF Emporio Experience” begins when you enter the property. Palm tree lined drives lead to a cobbled driveway, with a sensational fountain in the centre, creating an elegant sense of arrival. the landscape design provides a lush, inviting compliment to the building’s architecture, incorporating blooming bushes and plants. DLF Emporio raises the bar in retail development by transforming shopping into a multi sensory experience through its beautiful architecture and distinctive design. Conceptualized around two dramatic atriums with palm trees, a courtyard with an egraved stained skylight, a sense of openness is the central theme. Public spaces offer wide corridors, rich materials like Italian marble, brass detailing, artful lighting and larger than life chandeliers. retail spaces are generously proportioned with high ceilings and large display windows to showcase merchandise.

DLF Emporio offers a dazzling selection of International retailers, including Louis Vuitton, Dior, jimmy Choo, fendi, cartier, Burberry, Giorgio Armani, salvatore Ferragamo, Tod’s and Gucci and many more on the Ground and the First Floor, as well as some of the most in demand Indian designers, such as Tarun tahiliani, Rohit Bal, Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla, Surekha Jain, Alpana Gujral, Ranna Gill, Ganjam and many more on the Second and Third floors.

Finally, we are there, DLF has re-defined the luxury retailscape in India and I’m proud to have brought this baby upto its feet. From the time we did the soft opening in August to now, it was a whirlwind of store openings, promotions, activities and setting up the entire marketing plan, it was great fun. Some earlier photos.

Besides the Kingfisher Calendar 2009 launch tomorrow, I’m getting busy to accelarate the mall to its next level of opening.

With a promise to myself to be back to blogging in 2009 and a desire to understand the luxury space in India, I’m back in action!!


Buzz Marketing

November 29, 2007

I am sure many of you who are in the echelons of Marketing as a function find yourself face to face with words like “Buzz and or Viral Marketing” I have recently seen many discussions on LinkedIn talking about how to create this so called “Buzz”

So how do we create this Buzz?? Like Seth Godin talks about finding our “Purple Cow” and then introducing it to early adopters / sneezers / seeders who then spread the good word around, I wonder how easy it is to zero down on our true differentiator…. I guess it’s not that easy, considering the overlaps in “me-too” products and similar services present out there. But if we start thinking in that direction, I am sure there are answers waiting to be found. Good starting point for that next brainstorming session.

Yesterday, I came across a brilliantly written blog post by Peter Delegge about how Apple recently said Thank You to the early customers of the iphone. Must Read.

Plus, if you are someone like me who’s still learning on the job, I am sure you’ll get the Buzz on this presentation….

For a “Select” few

November 5, 2007

The newest, swankiest mall has opened in Saket. The tenant – mix as its called in “retail-lingo” (meaning the type of retailers present) got me thinking!!! We definitely seem to be ready for “Luxury”.

See the great presentation below on marketing luxurycourtesy Idress Mootee – CEO –Idea Couture