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Lets “Go to the Market”!!

February 18, 2008

I yearn to learn everyday and recently came across this wondefully written book by Larry Friedman on “go to market” strategies. Now what exactly is a “GTM – Go To Market strategy”?

A concise and clearly articulated strategy which defines market entry and growth driven through compelling messages to the end customer to retain and grow their loyalty. It sounds quite nice when you write about it, but day before; when I ended up plotting various Go To Market channels for a new product (whose presentation I had been given), I found the discussion enriching. We came up with lots of ideas using lots of possible channels to take the product to the market, but which one was the most feasible?? Cost effective?? Considering that by the time the product actually reaches the end customer, his / her preferences and expectations have changed, as the market is really dynamic.

I thought to myself that an excellent Go To Market strategy should solve the following: Maximum number of product Exposures to reach our customers the Fastest. How do we reach the critcal mass required to have enough people sitting up and taking notice and creating buzz about our products / services? I don’t think we pay that close attention to our GTM strategy. Add to this the fact that there really cannot be ONE correct Go To market strategy….. it has to be dynamic and should hit a chord with our customers.

Go me thinking….do I have a defined GTM strategy for my business? Any thoughts??

Lets “Go to the Market”!!