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Not Aeroflot..It’s Coroflot!!

August 6, 2008

I realised today that one of the things I just have to do is to start posting about the many cool things I have picked up over the last month. All my bookmarked lists that runneth over have to be translated or catalogued into this space.

It hasn’t been easy as work has kept me travelling and busy through and through.

So today when I came across the cool creative space blog where Carl talks about cultivating our creative skill set, I had to pen it down. Coroflot is a great space I discovered while checking a portfolio out, where one can make a creative space and talk about it. Flaunt it and sell it as a portfolio and even earn some moolah. Worth a check out, if you are looking for design jobs!! Similar to 99 Designs but more interactive. They even have an e-zine!!

Happy Designing!!