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Not Aeroflot..It’s Coroflot!!

August 6, 2008

I realised today that one of the things I just have to do is to start posting about the many cool things I have picked up over the last month. All my bookmarked lists that runneth over have to be translated or catalogued into this space.

It hasn’t been easy as work has kept me travelling and busy through and through.

So today when I came across the cool creative space blog where Carl talks about cultivating our creative skill set, I had to pen it down. Coroflot is a great space I discovered while checking a portfolio out, where one can make a creative space and talk about it. Flaunt it and sell it as a portfolio and even earn some moolah. Worth a check out, if you are looking for design jobs!! Similar to 99 Designs but more interactive. They even have an e-zine!!

Happy Designing!!


Raster Faster

June 29, 2008

To Raster and that also Faster, let me show you to your Master!!

No, these are no lines from an upcoming sci-fi movie, it’s just a cool thingie I looked up on the internet the other day, but just couldn’t blog earlier about. Last month’s been pretty busy travelling and doing feasability studies!!

Back to the Rasteriser!! So, you have this cute photo of you and your loved one, or this great picturesque travel photo and would like to enlarge it, say to cover up an entire wall or a portion of it…..seemingly impossible or cumbersome or expensive. Hmmmm enter the RasterBator, which can let you just that from your small office or home printer. 

Some background. Images can be of 2 types, Raster and Vector. Simply put Vector images can be enlarged without pixellating unlike Raster images. However, you could use a Vector image; pass it through a RasterBator which ratserizes the image (breaks it up into many smaller multi parts which when joined together make up your entire image). To get an idea, check out the biggest done rasterbation ever!!

I did just that with the free Rasterbator and you can see the result in my office below. Pretty Cool huh!!

The Original Picture

The Result

Are you LinkedIn? Yet?

February 28, 2008


LinkedIn …. Are YOU there?

What perhaps started out as a site to encourage networking with the premise of finding the right job for the many passive job seekers out there, has today beome the hottest business networking site. So much so that if you don’t have a LI profile, you really haven’t arrived. Their philosophy is simple. “Relationships Matter”  and the numbers speak for themselves.

An online network of more than 19 million people from 150 industries and growing…. wowiekazowie…. hey that sure is big and India seems to be growing exponentially over other countries. So how does that help me? or YOU?

For one, its a fantastic place to get noticed. They have fab features and the online pool available to help you with your questions (one of the coolest sections on LI) is worth checking out.

While I check the great Q and A page almost daily, (I have a personal selection of bookmarked answers that I refer to often) I have been so impressed with the quality of answers online at times, that I wanted to present these together at one place to share with like minded people.

Zale Tabakman has done exactly that and an awesome job at it. I LinkedIn with Zale some time back and loved the feature on his website where he talks about “Success though Balance” Don’t miss his presentation on how to use LinkedIn. His latest post also mentions my response on one of his questions, which is cool. Great idea Zale.

Closer home, Ajay Jain has just finished writing a book on “Lets Connect: using LinkedIn to get ahead at work” You can read some of the excerpts and learn from the fab stuff he’s presented. Hope to get my hands on his book and review it. He has been instrumental in starting (perhaps the first) LinkedIn Face 2 Face meet (Linkedin f2f) and hopes to collaborate from his network. Great work!!

Besides the many ways you learn and benefit from being on LinkedIn, you also get to grow your professional network and come in contact with some amazing think tanks.

So are YOU on LinkedIn? Yet? I am!!!

How would you want it served??

February 18, 2008




Anything that YOU find useful and could use to your advantage. How do you get it to yourself? Do you read online, emails, articles, books or subscribe to RSS feeds that interest you. I surf the web almost daily to find new stuff I may like.

Today I found out about FastCompany.

A cool learning place to find great topics to subscribe to and they have a platform built around to share ideas of forward thinking business leaders. I sure signed up. Laughed at Ruth Sherman’s recent post.

On another note, last week, I found this classy way to share my stuff. That is my blog posts using Odiogo (pronounced so as to sound as audio-go). Just click on the Odiogo button on my blog (right hand side) and you can; not only listen to my blogposts as a podcast immediately, you can even subscribe to them or download to listen later. How cool is that.

So how would you like your information served??

Whooosh!! Let me Change This!!

January 29, 2008

Yes, I have been away. Viral fever helped me become Mr Grumpy last week and he never wanted to communicate. Come to think of it, I wanted so much to write but ended up procrastinating. The trigger for Mr Grumpy was the bad traffic management at the newly opened toll plaza on NH 8. Sometimes, when a lot of these feelings well up, one sheds the Mr Grumpy coat and starts all over. It’s the threshold. Critical mass attained.

Today was that day for me. For no particular reason.

So I decided to change from Mr Grumpy. It was not easy. Web 2.0 was help at hand. Let me explain.

What do we usually do with our thoughts all day long? Mind Chatter is constant and ideas keep popping. I handle part of this by talking, communicating. Blogging is also part of this communication effort.

I found an amazing way to use this medium by getting to know ChangeThis. How do YOU promote your logical and rational thinking into a communication that can be shared and will have effect on others?

Simple….use ChangeThis. Make your manifesto or read the many available absolutely great ones online. Share and spread the word. You have manifestos from Guy Kawasaki, Tom Peters, Seth Godin and yes Hugh Macleod is also there with his HTBC (How to be Creative) thoughts.

And whooosh!! Mr Grumpy vanished. Some of the manifesto’s are so awesome that you would want to download them (for free). I loved the concept and the way its turned out to be in the websphere.

Miss it and be left out… Go ChangeThis !! 

I see a Winner here!!

January 8, 2008

Do you know what these words mean??

Fugleman? Cur? Repartee? ok ok may be you know Hokum? or Sully? Try this: Brusque?

Words that you may want to know the meaning of? Hmmmm…..

My earlier post talked about engaging the customer. I think have got themselves a winner. What a great concept.

You love a challenge when it comes to your language → You would love to learn more and become better in your English → Just click on the choices of the meanings of the word → Get the answers right and for every word that you get right, they will donate 100 grains of rice through the United Nations.

Free Rice, yep.

The advertisers pay for the rice and you (an engaged customer) actually becomes a contributor to a social cause. Brilliant.

True Engagement for a Social cause using Web 2.0


Why am I writing this?

January 8, 2008

I started this blog with the sole objective of penning my random thoughts, ideas and mainly links which I liked for myself (something like my own Digg this space) and was happily surprised to know that some of friends regularly read it, even though they did not comment.

Lead me to think…..Has Social Media really arrived in India? Maybe yes and Maybe no. But a quick glance around the webspace leads me to believe we are getting there and…

The rules of customer engagement have changed and companies are waking up fast. A good example are the virals I talked about in my earlier post, then came Sunsilk with its great interactive website (I’m sure you have heard of the Sunsilk Gang of Girls)  and recently, Skoda instead of actually talking about their soon to be launched car… Fabia.. or extolling the many features and car comparisons in their print ads… chose to just mention their web address in the print copy …. purely to engage the customer. I don’t think they have done a great job in the “engagement part” beacuse the contest page doesn’t seem to mention the rules of participation and is a dead end, but neverthless, we are getting there.

Are our companies ready for the Social Web and its effect on our brands and buying behaviour? Have we budgeted for this? More importantly, how do we measure this impact? Start clicking around and you’ll be surprised.

I love my photos…

January 8, 2008

Last week, I needed to send some logos and pictures which were being thought up for a new promotion and I didn’t them to be mis-used. I wanted to put watermarks or some copyright information so that these could not be edited, so what did I do? I found this excellent website that allows you and me and anyone else to upload, edit and then save your photos from anywhere for FREE and you don’t even have to be a member and there are no forms to fill. It was a breeze. I loved it.

Picnik lets you edit and tweak your photos online by allowing you to change, put special effects and more (regular features of photo editing software) besides helping you put copyright information as well as watermarks to your images.

I think it was swell. The UI was excellent. Photojojo recommends them too. Considering  the number of photos I had from the new year’s party which needed touch up, I gave it a try and really liked the results.

I forgot to add, I loved the way the website keeps you engaged even while the interface is loading….rather than the regular 10% or 20% loaded… they sow the seeds, then grow the grass, then water the plants, pick the strawberries……. very nice touch. Check it out.

Grab My RSS Feed….

November 17, 2007

Yep, I got my RSS chicklet and yes you can now add my feed to your feedreader. Get updated content. Not that anyone’s subscribing as of now. Waaaah!!!  

Part of me not doing this earlier is that I also felt who’s going to check out all the gobbledygook about codes and html and so on to learn more about RSS. Even though there’s not much to learn.


For those of you who are saying “Huh – whats this?” It’s real simple.  RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. The easiest way to put your blog infront of more eyeballs is by making it easier for people to be able to add your blog feed to their feed reader. This essentially means that every time content is updated on any site whose feed you subscribe to, your feedreader automatically upates it at one place for you to quickly skim through.

The best place to start to know more is Feed Burner.

You could also check out Alex Barnett’s RSS 101 podcast or FeedBurner’s silent movie or read more at the RSS Learning Center 

Next step… Google Adsense…

SCM – Supply Chain Management

November 16, 2007

Do you know Ajai Chowdhry? I didn’t till I came across an article by India Knowledge @ Wharton. Most of it talks about how beautifully HCL has managed their supply chain to ensure profits. Its well worth the read, even though it looks so formal and bookish to start with.

Quote “When we look at distribution, our objective is to make our partner successful. Most distributors function as fulfillment companies — they move products from A to B, and after that, they simply manage their receivables. In contrast, we define our role as value-added distributors. We initially work with our partners to define a strategy for market entry; then we focus on market growth; and finally we work together to achieve market leadership. That is how we view our role. It involves everything from providing marketing and strategic advice to developing a successful business model.”

Click HERE to read the full article.

इंडिया – सोने की चिडिया

October 27, 2007

Its not easy to miss the relation, especially if its “Mckinsey-ish” in nature.

While chatting with Kunal today, he mentioned working on this new site which is incidentally completely in हिन्दी and I couldn’t help noticing our importance to the world – we Indians – so much so that Mckinsey used the adage of सोने की चिडिया  – The Bird of Gold – when they talk about the rise of the Indian consumer market.

Besides the nice synopsis in the slideshow they present here, they have actually done a 6 chapter report on this phenomenonal rise. Interseting read, if I may say.

हम हैं जोश में!!

Shift happens….Did YOU know??

October 23, 2007

Hello there…wassup with you?

October 8, 2007

Many many days ago. Yes. So many days of thinking – ago that I would pen my thoughts down – I am finally writing to tell you about the “prarambha”  – a renewed beginning wherein I will share my thoughts, ideas and anything else that catches my fancy…and there are many things that actually do.

The first post in a new blog is usually funny, you have many things to say but don’t know where to begin. But I have realised that the best thing to do is : To begin : Prarambha.

My day started looking up this real interesting service thats currently only available in the US, which lets one talk to your phone and save a voicemail, which then gets sent to your friends, colleagues ..well just about everyone you want to as a text or an email. Pretty cool and very functional. Wonder when this gets integrated with our mobile phone operators. See it here.