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Johnnie Walker.. I was there….

March 5, 2008

Johnnie Walker ClassicJohnnie Walker ClassicLast year when I came to know that the Johnnie Walker Classic Tour would be coming to India for the first time and that also at Gurgaon, I was surely excited. Having developed a keen interest in the game of golf, I don’t miss an opportunity to learn a few tips and tricks and try to play whenever I get a chance. This was definitely not worth missing.

Even though it was incredibly hot during the weekend when the pros started playing for the last round, I tailed players like Jyoti Randhawa, Vijay Singh, Adam Scott and Jeev Milkha Singh. For anyone who knows or plays the game, its a treat to be able to watch these world class players from an arm’s length and then obviously analyse their fine nuances at the game.

It was an incredible finish to the game with Mark Brown from Australia winning by a three stroke lead which he managed in the last 5 holes very very close to Kiyota and Strange. Kapur managed to be in the top 10. The crowd clapped and cheered with the kids shouting for free balls. It was a super weekend.

Current Rankings and Prize Money!!

The venue was amongst the best in the world and the Johnnie Walker Gold was quite good.

Cheers to a great game of golf!!

Johnnie Walker Classic


A little “birdie” on the ground

November 27, 2007

Yipppeee…  I got a couple of birdie’s…. hehehe before you think further …. I got them at the TERI Golf course this last weekend. For amateurs like me, who are just three months into this great game, it meant a lot. Particularly because t’was at the TERI Golf Course which in fact is a small course which makes it unforgiving. You better hit straight and nice or … well you are OB (out of bounds)


It’s such a great feeling to play a round of Golf which goes well and is immensely satisfying. It pretty much levels out considering the frustration if your next round goes bad. But overall, I am kicked with my performance. The coolest thing about Golf for me is that you play against yourself and there is always room to be better.

Some great help for you wannabee’s is to check out these free Golf Videos amongst the others. Though there is nothing to beat a “pro” to guide you and loads of practise. Dew kissed grass, birds chirping, the ocassional peacock in the distance and a great game where you get a couple of birdie’s. I liked my weekend.