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Where the hell are YOU?

March 13, 2009

While reading about Tactical Marketing, I came across this amazing concept which just made me smile real wide.

Stride Gum, chanced upon Matt Harding’s dancing and decided to sponsor him to do his dance around the world. It became viral because of it’s pure simplicity and the rest is history….. and all they did was mention their name just once at the credits….

Matt danced a lot and has done three videos. I don’t know anyone till now, who doesn’t smile while watching him do his funny moves…

This was him in 2006…

…. and the recent one in 2008

You can get to know him better at his site …..

So where are YOU today?

And what are you doing today to smile 🙂

Hope you are chewing gum 😉


Surfin’ bird…

January 15, 2008

Queer, ain’t it? While thinking of an apt title of this post, I don’t know why I thought of the song Surfin’ Bird…. now those of you don’t know.. it’s actually a really old song but has been re-done in various versions… why I remember it so vividly is because it has no lyrics (almost)….and its not an instrumental song….. The Trashmen who performed it just babble away in a catchy tune that one can’t forget easily.

Back to the post. Surfin’ Bird came to my mind when I re-looked up Gaping Void. If you don’t know Hugh Macleod… well you are missing out on something. Now I have been looking up the various doodles and cartoons that he does on the back of visiting cards, for quite some time and some of them are real swell like the one’s below.


I must point out that I really recommend you read his HTBC (How to be Creative) page. Its probably the most read page on his website. Also, don’t miss the HughTrain

And in case you haven’t noticed, he’s quite popular on the webspace. I have come to believe that its probably because I like this kind of humour, direct, sometimes very dry yet understated. Remember I also like Dilbert.

Another one here, before I sign off…


Attributed to: Hugh Macleod:

What’s your Slogan?

December 5, 2007




I personally liked the last one as my slogan? What would be yours?

This was the after thought. Let me tell you the thought, first.

Like HTML, our thoughts connect with each other and I think mine jump from one to another faster than I would imagine. These thought jumps of course came from page jumps across some incredibly useful web-sites I found today. More about those in my future posts. Coming back to “Sloganising”

Do you want a catchy slogan? Tied up for the right one for your business / ad campaign / teaser / promo. Look no further. Go to Sloganiser, punch in a maximum of two words and yipeeeee you can choose from the random one’s the site throws back. I thought it was funny and of course doubted the sensibility in it. But, after trying various words from funky monkeys to lamb chops to vanilla crispy ….. well I was convinced. 

Lastly I also tried my name and the some of the options (besides the hilarious ones) that came up were… 

  • Sudeep Chhabra Rocks
  • Sudeep Chhabra, so what??
  • Sudeep Chhabra Non-Stop….
  • Sudeep Chhabra Can….    from where I made my slogan …..

Try your luck. You may get your next best slogan from here….. Then, let me know if you liked it.

Killer Monkey Gods….

October 31, 2007

Scott Monkey Adams couldn’t help writing about the sad episode of SS Bajwa’s death, apparently from the monkey menace in Delhi. What surprised me are the comments people have left, from the hilarious to the downright stupid. But hey, its the Dilbert Blog…. so anything goes.

Hey Scott, hold on to your banana and nuts!!


October 23, 2007

One of the quintessential characters that I have grown up with is Dilbert… I guess it kinda relates to the sarcastic office humour I am part of ..hehehehe…

Scott does an awesome job even in the Dilbert Blog… don’t miss it!! Some of my favourites … pure discussion purposes only hahaha are 1  2  3  4