The Sound of Conversation!!

This ain’t new. But, definitely, it’s worth a being part of. I am talking about Pecha Kucha.

Pronounced as peh-chak-cha, literally meaning ‘the sound of conversation’ in Japanese, it was started by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham as long back as 2003 in Tokyo.

An idea presentation concept which is quite simple and effective.

Each presenter is allowed a Powerpoint show of 20 slides for 20 seconds each (Think Twenty Twenty here too) This gives a total presentation time of 6 minutes and 40 seconds and your time is up. Usually, the prsentation is pre-set to move each slide after 20 seconds and one doesn’t have much choice in the matter. What a great way to communicate. Don’t you wish all your office presentations were like this?

The cool thing is that anyone can present anything, though it originally started out as a forum for young designers to share and showcase their work. Incidentally, the Pecha Kucha virus is spreading to the business world too, with some companies trying the format.

You too can participate in the Pecha Kucha night at Delhi, the last happened at the British Council Library. I will be there on the next PKN.

Lets Chit-Chat or Gup-Shup = Pecha Kucha!!


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3 Responses to “The Sound of Conversation!!”

  1. Sid Khullar Says:

    Hello there,

    You have a nice blog – I’ll be coming around more often now. 🙂
    Sameer (Khullar, my brother) told me about your blog.

    How about a link exchange?


  2. sudsurf Says:

    @Sid: Thanks. Happy to crosslink!!

  3. Pooja Says:

    Intend to start this at my workplace.Very interesting.

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