Go Goa….aah!!

That was quite a break from blogging. First, I was away to Goa in March and then lotsa travel and work happened in April!! Anyways, more about Goa here.

It was real cool, considering this was my first time there. To start with…I met an old friend, Aseem and his wife who run Big Chill in the flight. Took some traveller tips from them, and landed at Candolim and lazed about the beach. Scootered off to Anjuna to check out the flea market. Plain old Janpath style stuff, overpriced to try to fleece all the firangis there. It had its own surprises though….what does business make us do…imagine this pallu and saree clad lady standing next to her stall chewing beetelnut and traditionally dressed suddenly saying “Hello Sir Afternoon maa’m, please have a look at my shop, excellent stuff…nothing cheaper anywhere else…why don’t you at least take a look etc etc .. I was dumbfounded…..the best part was trooping to Cafe Looda where Mr French was singing ‘sarv mangalam’ et all with the drums being played by a goan, the bass by an israeli and the guitar by mr iran….the place was packed and kingfisher draught was doing the rounds.. the breeze was scented and cool and we even had an opportunity to watch a well decorated cow…. yes a cow…do a kinda tap dance..with some head banging thrown in for extra measure that also on the beats of some old bollywood number….whoaaaaa

Jimmy gave us an excellent evening meal with some great a santoor version of ‘Hotel california’ and an awesome rendition of Chris Rea’s ‘Road to Hell’ back at Candolim. Had crabs at Amigos, saw Old Goa, Drove to the Fort and even managed a beautiful view from Jimmy Guzder’s palace. Went to the cashew market, and chanced upon some guava papad!!

The latter part of the time was spent lazing in South Goa at Benaulim. Smooth slow waves, butter garlic prawns, cycling on the beach, cadlelit dinner by the waves, playing volleyball and plain snoring away to glory after lots of beer….can’t  paint a better picture.

All in all, t’was great fun. Even found a shop which said – No other place to buy “Genuine Fakes”

I’ll go back soon!!




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3 Responses to “Go Goa….aah!!”

  1. Blen Says:


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  2. Pooja Says:

    Hey-waiting for the new dates !!!!!!

  3. Aditi Says:

    You write well! Its one thing to know stuff, another to internalise them and a completely different thing to describe them…..you do all three well!
    Cheers! keep the posts coming 🙂

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