Surfin’ bird…

Queer, ain’t it? While thinking of an apt title of this post, I don’t know why I thought of the song Surfin’ Bird…. now those of you don’t know.. it’s actually a really old song but has been re-done in various versions… why I remember it so vividly is because it has no lyrics (almost)….and its not an instrumental song….. The Trashmen who performed it just babble away in a catchy tune that one can’t forget easily.

Back to the post. Surfin’ Bird came to my mind when I re-looked up Gaping Void. If you don’t know Hugh Macleod… well you are missing out on something. Now I have been looking up the various doodles and cartoons that he does on the back of visiting cards, for quite some time and some of them are real swell like the one’s below.


I must point out that I really recommend you read his HTBC (How to be Creative) page. Its probably the most read page on his website. Also, don’t miss the HughTrain

And in case you haven’t noticed, he’s quite popular on the webspace. I have come to believe that its probably because I like this kind of humour, direct, sometimes very dry yet understated. Remember I also like Dilbert.

Another one here, before I sign off…


Attributed to: Hugh Macleod:


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2 Responses to “Surfin’ bird…”

  1. reeta Says:

    Hee @ the second wala GG and you’ve got a really really really interesting blog here!
    I almost read it ALL at one go.

  2. sudsurf Says:

    @reeta: Many Thanks, I’m glad you liked most of the posts.

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